What are the facts behind why conveyor belts are so contaminated?

1. The surface of a checkstand belt is permeable, and contaminants penetrate the surface and inhabit the conveyor belt.
2. Dirt, food remnants and trash collect in the spaces inside the checkstands. These spaces are rarely, if ever, cleaned and the belts are constantly in contact with this debris.
3. Typical cleaning solutions used to clean checkstand belts do not remove all the contaminants present, so even a belt that looks clean is still dirty.
Click here for the detailed facts from the study, "Analysis of Microbial Populations Present on Checkstand Conveyor Belts in Grocery Stores", presented at the annual meeting of the International Association of Food Protection.

Why are all checkstand belts black?

Checkstand conveyor belts are black for one reason - to hide the grime! 

What are antibacterials?

They are agents that kill microorganisms or inhibit their growth. The microorganisms include mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. We endorse antibacterials that safely and actively eliminate unwanted microbes and bacteria when added to surfaces.

What do the antibacterials endorsed by Good Armor® do?

They provide protection for conveyor belts and other retail store surfaces from mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria, and prevent the growth of bacterial odors.

Are antibacterials endorsed by Good Armor® safe for the environment?

Yes, Good Armor®-endorsed antibacterials are non-toxic and non-leaching.

Do antibacterials endorsed by Good Armor® contribute to the development of “Superbugs”??

No. Good Armor®-endorsed antibacterials act through electro-mechanical as well as physical disruption of microorganisms and not through chemical-based mechanisms. Development of resistant microorganisms, the so-called "Superbugs", are attributable to chemical-based killing methods.

How long are the antibacterials endorsed by Good Armor® effective?

The Good Armor®-endorsed antibacterials are surface treatments that permanently bond onto surfaces and continue to provide protection from microbial growth to the treated surface for the lifespan of the product when recommended cleaning and care instructions are followed.